Point of Sale System for Pull Tabs, Food and Beverage Sales

Our Tab Wizard computerized pull tab tracking system includes a custom computer, flat touch-screen monitor with built in speakers, Prize receipt printer, electronic cash drawer, keyboard, mouse, Laser report printer, automated daily back-up flash card, surge protector with back-up power supply. Also included is the Tab Wizard software game tracking accountability system.

The Tab Wizard system has been specifically designed to fulfill State of Alaska reporting requirements. It offers a user friendly computerized system to track and report your pull-tab sales.

The Tab Wizard generates the following reports based on your input.

Schedule D (State Reporting)

  • Open and Closed Game Reports, showing shortages, overages and accumulated sales and points per game.
  • Daily Cash Reports (Daily, Weekly or by the Month.)
  • Quarterly Reports.
  • Big Play and pay-outs Report.
  • Transaction Journal (every transaction time dated by day, hour, minute and second.)
  • Game History Report (each transaction time dated with clerk or dealer identification from start to finish of game.)
  • Game Status Report (detail report by game showing dollars in Sales and dollars paid out.)
  • Shift Change Report (detail shift reports with accountability per clerk per shift.)
  • Permittee Totals Report. Great for any location where more than one permit is being used. Run up to 160 different permits at the same time.
  • Profit/Loss Report based on closed or completed games.
  • Prints Custom Prize Receipts (with time and date, sales clerk initials, name of game and serial number on receipt.)
  • All Reports are password protected.

The Tab Wizard system offers many other combinations of reports designed for your business needs. The Tab Wizard system also offers an X and Z reports that shows daily sales, payouts and profit for the day, as well as a monthly profit and loss statement. The system also offers a quick an easy inventory feature. The Tab Wizard makes a daily inventory a reachable goal for your business.

User Friendly, Easy to Use and Operate

    All games legal to be distributed and sold in the State of Alaska can and are being used with Wizard Accountability Systems. Easy to load inventory features. We offer three ways to input or load your inventory.
  • The first and most used is the Touch Screen entry. (Takes less than a minute per game.)
  • The second way would be to simply scan the manufacture bar codes.
  • The third way to ”receive” your games is via a 3.5” floppy disk. Basically with your invoice on disc, it can simply be loaded into our system. This eliminates the need to enter games from paper invoices and reduces the chance for errors during data entry. This feature is NOT available from all pull tab distributors. Please call your current distributor for availability.

All Games From Your Current Pull Tab Supplier Can Be Used With This System

If you are interested in this system, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-748-0568.